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Preserve flower

About: Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers(永生花): For Lover – Love that never fades For Family / Friends – Guardian of family / friendship What is Preserved Flowers? Preserved flowers are 100% natural flowers which undergo a unique preservation method to maintain the appearance and prolong the retention time of the flowers. This technology allows the flowers to retain its […]

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2020/2021 天后宮婚姻註冊流程

准备文件 Document ▪️ 新人双方身份证/大马卡(MyKad各正本和副本一份(A4 Size) ▪️ 新人双方各报生纸副本一份(A4 Size) ▪️ 新人双方个人照片各一张(Passport Size) ▪️ 两位证婚人的身份证/大马卡(MyKad)副本各一份 ▪️ 在国民登记局(JPN)索取婚姻注册表格 ▪️ 如有离婚者须准备由国家登记局发出婚姻撤销证明函件正本和副本。 ▪️ 如有鳏夫/寡妇须准备先配偶的结婚证书及报死纸正本和副本各一份。 宣誓 + JPN审核盖章 ▪️ 新人须谨慎填妥表格,并到马来西亚任何宣誓官处进行宣誓。 ▪️ 新人必须亲自把申请表格提呈国民登记局(JPN)审核(须缴付RM20)。 ▪️ 申请表格经 JPN 审核盖章,一切无误后,方可依所选吉日进行注册。 ⚠注意:只能在工作日(Weekdays)进行宣誓及 JPN 审核盖章。 提交表格 (天后宫注册处) ▪️ 注册日期 是从申请日期算起,至少 7 天后,但不能超过 6 个月 ▪️ 新人可到天后宫确认是否有空档并预订日子 ⚠注意:任何已婚者, 若在婚约仍然有效及配偶仍在世时, 在国内外与别人立婚约,将视为犯重婚罪 天后宫婚姻注册 ▪️ 新人双方及两位证婚人必须亲自前来天后宫婚姻注册处,并携带已准备好的正本和副本文件 ▪️ 新人、证婚人及观礼者需衣着整齐得体, 不得穿 T 恤/牛仔裤/短裤/拖鞋等等。 ▪️ 注册进行时,在场者必须把手提电话调制静音, […]

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Father’s day gifts

Most of us wouldn’t forget to show our love and appreciations to our Mothers on Mothers’ day. Let us remember also every third Sunday in June is Fathers’ day and show our ‘Family Always First’ man know how much we love him too!  Instead of telling him ‘I Love You’ and looking for a way […]

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Flower Symbolism & Meaning

Meaning & symbolism of FLOWER things to know before you buy flowers

Flowers are always the best and wonderful gifts to anyone. They often symbolize happiness, appreciation and positivities if they are being gifted to the right person in a correct situation. What flowers should I give to my admirer? Which colour of roses should I use to decorate my wedding? Is there any flowers to show […]

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