Meaning & symbolism of FLOWER things to know before you buy flowers

Flower Symbolism & Meaning

Flowers are always the best and wonderful gifts to anyone. They often symbolize happiness, appreciation and positivities if they are being gifted to the right person in a correct situation. What flowers should I give to my admirer? Which colour of roses should I use to decorate my wedding? Is there any flowers to show my feelings instead of telling directly to someone?

Keep scrolling down and let us guide you how to choose the best flower for your loved ones!


Roses – Roses are the most popular flower to be gifted to lovers on all the special dates, especially Valentines. Different colours and numbers of roses has a different meaning, check this out before you handed out a bouquet of your piece of mind but misunderstood by the receiver.

Different colours:

         Red (For lovers) : Passionately in love, deeply in love

         Light Pink / Pink (For admirers / close friends) : Love at first sight, you are special to me

         Yellow (For ex-lover / to apologize) : Bid farewell, faded love, I’m sorry

         White (For lovers / bridal bouquet) : Purity and innocence of love, eternal loyalty

         Orange (For admirers / friends) : Passionate romance, friendship, enthusiasm and excitement

         Purple (For lovers / admirers) : Enchantment towards you, love at first sight

         Champagne (For lovers / admirers) : I only love you, you are my only love

         Blue (For secret admirers) : Unapproachable, unattainable love

         Black (For funeral / lovers / close friends) : Farewell, unexpected return of someone




Sunflowers – Sunflowers are often being seen during graduation as it symbolize Happiness, courage and bravery to chase one’s dream or love. It is also being gifted to loved ones including family members, siblings and cousins, lovers or admirers as the stem of a sunflower brings the meaning of loyalty and longevity in love or secretly in love.


Carnations – First thing in mind when Carnation is being mentioned sure is Mother’s Day. This is because carnations symbolize gratitude and remembrance, it is also commonly be seen during funeral for mothers or women. There are different colours for carnations too!

Red : Deeply in love

Pink (Top pick during Mother’s Day) : Gratitude, respectful love, I’ll never forget you

Yellow : Rejection, disappointment

White : Innocence and true love, good luck

Blue : Devotion and true love


Baby breath – Baby breath is known as ‘Starry sky’ in Chinese, due to the look of many tiny flowers gathered together in one bouquet. People are marveled towards their hipster look and also its long-lasting compared to other flowers as baby breath can kept for at least 6 months under good care. The natural colours of baby breath are white or light pink but they are being tinted into pastel colours which carries different meaning.

         White (Wedding decorations) : Pure and innocence love

         Pink : Romance, fulfil other’s cherished hopes

         Purple : Missing youBlue : Friendship forever, gentleness



Eustoma – Eustoma flower also known as Texas bluebell flower, as it has a general meaning of happiness and joy, it is commonly be seen in various types of events including wedding, birthday and part bouquets. The flower part is similar to rose; it has very strong stem that symbolize eternality. It is most commonly found in deep purple colour.

         Purple : Noble and persistent love

         Pink : Irretrievable love

         Yellow : Joy and happiness, hopeful

         Green : Confident, charming


Hydrangea – Hydrangea often comes in a shrub which also means abundance, while the flower brings the meaning of unity, hope, royalty and forgiveness in different colours. It is commonly being used as decorations at a wedding as abundance of blessings and love towards the couple. Blue hydrangea brings a very much different meaning, be careful when you choose!

         White : Hope, purity and grace

Pink : Romance, expecting a blissful love or marriage

         Purple : Completion of love, unite of couple or family

         Blue : Turn down a proposal, expressing regret, asking for forgiveness